WP 1: Proposals for enhancement of barriers against tritium permeation and tritiated waste management

WP1 investigates the control of tritium release using active barriers (surface layers) to reduce tritium permeation as well as the detritiation and development of solutions for waste management of tritiated materials.

WP 2: Tritium inventory management and modelling

WP2 addresses the development of tritium inventory measurement methods and techniques within various materials (solids, liquids, dusts, aerosols). This WP improves the modelling tools to assess tritium inventory and its migration in nuclear fission/fusion areas.

WP 3: Dosimetry (measurement of exposure to radiation), risk assessment, and radiation protection following accidental exposure to tritiated dust

WP 3 focuses on the safety issues that arise during dismantling and decommissioning activities. The WP deals with exposure to radiotoxic tritiated dust and overall dosimetry. This will be undertaken in four stages identifying the risk, impact, and response strategy of human and environmental exposure to tritiated and non-tritiated particles to equip those during dismantling activities.

WP 4: Communication, Dissemination, Stakeholder Engagement

This WP focuses on the Communication and Dissemination activities of the TITANS project. This WP provides the project results as well as the recommendations based on these project results.

WP 5: Management

WP5 delivers on the project management of TITANS, including the frameworks for the legal, financial, administrative, technical, and scientific coordination to manage the project. It ensures the appropriate running of the entire TITANS project.

WP 6: Ethics Requirements

WP6 ensures the ethical requirements are carried out and maintained during the project.