Tritium Impact and Transfer in Advanced Nuclear reactorS

The Project

One of the biggest challenges today’s world faces is the energy transition, with the growing population combined with the continuous increase in energy demand, the need to strive towards reliable energy production with low environmental impact is paramount. Providing a future energy mix where electricity production from nuclear energy as well as other renewable and carbon free sources play an important role as we transition to clean energy solutions. TITANS combines the expertise of international experts from material sciences, process engineering, biology, environmental sciences and modelling into a transdisciplinary project concentrating on the management of nuclear facilities. The project focuses on tritium management, specifically, tritium permeation mitigation, tritium safety, and tritium capturing to minimise tritium release within nuclear reactors/facilities. TITANS endeavours to find a solution to tritium permeation, release into the environment, health effects during dismantling activities as well as a method of capturing, storing, and recycling tritium. The project contributes to, not only, mitigating nuclear environmental impact, but also, facilitating the growing nuclear energy demand as Europe, and our world, transition to low-carbon energy sources.


Latest News

TITANS First Annual Constortium Meeting


The TITANS project will be holding its Annual Consortium Meeting on the 25-26 September 2023, at the University of Pavia, Italy. Partners will gather to discuss the results and accomplishments made after the first [...]


Third Tritium School

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